About CRC, Inc. Full-Service Commercial Renovation and New Construction Capabilities

CRC, Inc. was founded in 1998 by owner Dan Rhodes, bringing decades of experience in the commercial construction and management industry to the company. Together, Dan and the dedicated CRC team deliver a hands-on approach to project management which enables enhanced communication and optimized performance at every stage of the process. This commitment to high standards, integrity, and hard work have shaped the growth of the company over the years, making CRC Inc. one of the most innovative, adaptable, and dependable commercial construction firms in the market.

At CRC, we specialize in the construction and renovation of senior living facilities. With decades of experience, we take a unique level of care when renovating currently-occupied senior living facilities, achieving excellent results with minimal disruption to the resident community. We have established longstanding relationships with key subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants, who share our experience and our high level of commitment.

In addition, we at CRC build and renovate office buildings, retail buildings, industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, and more. With all of our new construction and renovation projects, we deliver our signature personal oversight and integrated project delivery, ensuring all project requirements are met precisely, on time, and within budget.

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